May 5, 2010

Ile Saint Louis' Own Gem: Bakhtar

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the shop that really lures me back to Ile Saint Louis every time. Bakhtar is a shop that has never had the pleasure of zip zipping my credit card, but one day, yes one day, it will know that pleasure. This is the type of place where I could really treat myself to some nice things, never mind the fact that I’ve only entered the shop once. I usually stop at the windows and drool like a little girl eyeing a doll she can’t live without. Why enter, anyway? They put their best stuff in the vitrines. I have seen something I wanted there every time I’ve peered in those windows since I very first pressed my nose against the glass four years ago.

Though they have more than jewelry that’s all I see as my eyes fixate on the many beautiful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. As you can see from the photos, these are stunning finely crafted pieces, many with Eastern or Asian looks to them.

The one time I did step foot inside I saw equally beautiful scarves as well as some decorative home items. The staff is very friendly and very accustomed to passers-by enjoying the view (and probably equally used to them moving right on). The jewelry seems to be more or less accurately priced – earrings with semi-precious stones around 80€ and up and necklaces with lots of stones seem to be between 200€ and 300€.

75004 Paris
T.: +33.(0)

75006 Paris
T.: +33.(0)

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